9 Summer 2023 Makeup Trends That'll Take Your Looks To The Next Level

Hey beauty lovers! It's time to take a dive into this season's most exciting trends, bringing the sun, sea, and fun right into your makeup routine. Drumroll, please, for the Summer 2023 makeup trends that promise to elevate your looks to sizzling new heights!

1. The “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

Yes, it's still here, and it's hotter than ever! This summer, the "No-Makeup" makeup trend continues to reign, putting your skin in the spotlight. Think of it as your face but better: dewy skin, subtly defined eyes, a hint of blush, and naturally tinted lips. The key here is to use products that work to enhance your skin's natural beauty. Remember: less is more!

Blazing Neon Eyeshadow

2. Blazing Neon Eyeshadow

Leave subtle at the door, and let your eyes do the talking! Vibrant neon eyeshadows are taking over this season. Feel free to experiment with stunning colors like fluorescent pink, electric blue, or bright green. Opt for a single bold hue for a daring look, or blend a few shades to create an eye-catching, playful look that screams, "SUMMER IS HERE!"

3. Gloss, Gloss, and More Gloss

Glossy lips, glossy lids, even glossy cheeks—gloss is making a significant comeback this season. A light, shimmery sheen is perfect for those laid-back summer days and sultry nights. It adds a youthful and refreshing glow, perfect for beach days or summer sunset soirées.

4. All Things Coral

We're calling it now: coral is the color of Summer 2023. This bright, cheery shade screams summer like no other, and it works on every skin tone. Try a pop of coral blush for a fresh, sun-kissed look, or paint your lips in a coral hue for an effortless pop of color.

5. Graphic Liner Extravaganza

Wave goodbye to your standard cat-eye look; this summer is all about creativity and fun with liners. Opt for bold, bright hues, and don't shy away from trying unique patterns and styles. Zig-zags, dots, dashes—nothing is off-limits!

6. Ethereal Glow

Who doesn't love a good highlighter? This summer, take it up a notch by embracing the ethereal glow trend. Instead of your traditional champagne or gold highlighter, opt for out-of-this-world hues like holographic pinks, lilacs, or blues. Dust it lightly on the high points of your face for a celestial summer glow.

7. Watercolor Eyeshadow

Think of your eyelids as a canvas and let your creativity run wild. This trend involves blending different pastel eyeshadow colors, creating a soft, dreamy effect. Perfect for day or night, this is one trend that'll help you stand out in any crowd.

8. Popsicle Lips

Remember how your lips used to stain after enjoying a brightly colored popsicle? This summer, we're deliberately going for that look! Choose a vibrant lip tint and apply it to the center of your lips. Then, blur the edges outward for a just-ate-a-popsicle effect.

Freckle Faking

9. Freckle Faking

Yes, you heard it right! Fake freckles are the ultimate makeup accessory this summer. They add a sun-kissed, youthful touch to your look. Use a fine-tipped brown eyeliner or a specialized freckle pen to dot on your freckles, focusing on the bridge of your nose and cheeks.

Summer 2023 is set to be a season full of color, glow, and playful experimentation. Remember, makeup is all about self-expression and having fun, so don't be afraid to mix, match, and break the rules with these trends. So go on, put your best face forward and let your true colors shine through!

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