Dishing the Dirt on Urban Decay: From Luscious to Lackluster, Honey!

Hey, you glamorous souls! Before we dive into the world of Urban Decay, grab your favorite shade of lipstick, because it's about to get wild and fabulous! 😜 Ready to find out which UD products will make you scream “YAAAS!” and which will have you thinking, “Um...Next!”? Well, let’s spill that tea!

A Little History Time, Dahling!
Established in the oh-so-retro 1996 (I mean, were scrunchies even a thing then?), Urban Decay started small, rocking only lipsticks and nail polishes. Can you imagine? Now, they're like the Beyoncé of the makeup world! Known for their rebellious motto “Beauty with an edge”, it's been a 21-year journey of glitz, glamour, and a *little* bit of goth. What's more? They’re cruelty-free, baby! Take that, haters! 🐰💕

Let’s dive into those products and rate them, shall we? 💅


1. Foundation Drama: The Naked Skin and the All-Nighter Liquid Foundation are like the Kardashians: infamous yet captivating. Got oily skin? Go ahead and revel in their glory. But if you're dry-skinned like yours truly, keep your fabulous self-moving, and perhaps check out a hydrating beauty recommendation from Elle Beauty.
Verdict: Try before you buy, sweetheart. But remember, less is more!
Grade: B+

2. Conceal Don’t Feel: The Naked Skin Concealer? It’s like that friend you kinda like but won’t invite to your epic brunch. Especially when the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer is the life of the party and is $4 cheaper!
Verdict: Loyalty to UD is great, but maybe check out alternatives in Harper's Bazaar Beauty.
Grade: B

3. Highlighter, Blushes, Bronzers, Oh My!: Let’s bundle these together, as my opinion on all of them is like my feelings for pineapple on pizza - MEH! You're not just paying for the product but the brand too.
Verdict: Save your coins, honey! Try something from Marie Claire Beauty maybe?
Grade: C

4. Setting Sprays = Pure Magic! The All Nighter and Chill Setting Sprays are EVERYTHING. Believe me, they're like a fairy godmother for your face!
Verdict: Take my money, UD. Take. It.
Grade: A+


1. Eyeliner Extravaganza: The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are a rainbow of dreams, but the shade “Zero”? Girl, please! I've got better alternatives.
Verdict: For that classic black, darling, maybe sneak a peek at NYX or Lottie London.
Grade: A

2. The Potion of All Primers: UD’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion is like that reliable friend you call when you've had one too many margaritas.
Verdict: Great for all, but essential for oily eyelids. Dry skin? Maybe something cheaper will still keep that eyeshadow on fleek.
Grade: A

3. Eyeshadows - Palettes vs Singles: Palettes? A+. Singles? Honey, I love you UD, but my wallet does have feelings.
Verdict: Palettes, yes! Singles, maybe check out Cosmopolitan Beauty for alternatives.
Grade: B+


1. Vice Lipsticks - Liquid vs Stick: The liquid version? Sorry, UD, it’s a miss from me. But the stick version? *Chef's kiss*.
Verdict: Steer clear of the liquid. Stick to... well, the stick!
Grade: D for liquid. A for the stick.

In conclusion? Urban Decay is that cool kid on the block - mostly awesome but with a couple of missteps. Remember beauties, knowledge is power, and there’s nothing fiercer than a makeup lover in the know. So, what's YOUR favorite UD product? Spill those secrets below!

Got any more burning beauty questions? Drop them here or visit our pals over at Allure and Glamour Beauty for all the deets! 💖👄

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