Gen Z's Colorful Rebellion: The #UnapproachableMakeup Trend

Oh, to be a Gen Z woman in today's world, juggling TikTok challenges, climate change activism, and the perennial problem of unwanted male attention. But lo and behold, Gen Z's answer to that last issue is as creative as it is bold. They're throwing away the rulebook and turning to a colorful solution - the #UnapproachableMakeup trend.

In the words of *Elle Beauty*, that's right, ladies and gents! This trend is an audacious combination of dark eyeshadows, tinted bronzers, and vivid lip shades, designed to turn heads and send the not-so-gentlemen scampering. It's an act of rebellion, an assertion of individuality, and according to style influencer Megi Hebeja, "it works like a charm". And the best part? "It only takes about 10 minutes."

Hold on to your beauty blenders, because we're diving into this riot of color and defiance that's taking social media by storm. It all started with Hila Baksay, an aspiring pop singer, beauty trendsetter, and the mastermind behind the trend, who decided to express her disdain for unsolicited male attention through her makeup. Much like the “revenge makeup” and “chrome makeup” trends that preceded it, her #UnapproachableMakeup quickly racked up over 30.5 million views on TikTok. Content creators and women like Hebeja have joined the movement, making it a viral trend and a form of ‘man-repellent’ art.

"But why unapproachable?" you may ask. According to Hebeja, men tend to find women wearing darker makeup intimidating, a perception that works perfectly for the ladies who are tired of hearing stale pickup lines. “But when I wear my unapproachable makeup, they don’t come up to me because the look incites the fear that they’re going to get rejected — and they are,” Hebeja says confidently, basking in the power this trend grants her.

She even gave us a peek into her makeup routine with a video tutorial that scored over 1.8 million views. The process involves widely available products like E.l.f. Glow-up primer serum, Maybelline New York BB Fresh skin-hydrating beauty balm, E.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer, and E.l.f. Luminous putty bronzer and blush. She sets her face with Maybelline Fit Me loose finishing powder, adds a touch of Ulta Beauty’s Flush Blush, and decks out her eyes with dusky and sparkly shades from the Naked Honey palette by Urban Decay. The pièce de résistance? An exaggerated, smoky wing design using black eyeshadow and a layer of Maybelline lifter gloss in the shade “Rust”, along with the NYX line loud pencil in the hue “Global Citizen”.

What does Hebeja feel about this fierce look? “Powerful”, she says. Not having to worry about unwanted male attention is not just liberating, but also amusing, as she delights in the confused and intimidated expressions on men's faces.

Baksay, too, is thrilled about the impact of her trend, which empowers women to control their interactions using makeup. As *Vogue Beauty* stated, “The more intense, bad b—h makeup that you wear, the less these men will approach you.” she affirms.

When you really look at it, this trend is a flamboyant blend of beauty and rebellion. It's not just about rejecting men, but also about redefining makeup as an instrument of self-expression and control. These Gen Z women are using their faces as canvases to challenge societal norms, refusing to be defined by the male gaze, and having a little fun while they're at it.

The #UnapproachableMakeup trend is here to stay, a trend that reflects the changing landscape of beauty and gender dynamics. So, watch out, world! The next time you see a Gen Z woman with dramatically dark eyeshadow and bold lips, know that she's not just making a fashion statement. She's asserting her autonomy, one colorful brushstroke at a time.

To every Gen Z woman out there embracing this trend, here's to you, for proving once again that makeup is not just about beauty but also a form of silent revolution. Keep dazzling, keep rebelling, and most importantly, keep having fun! After all, as *Allure* rightly says, isn't that what makeup is all about?

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